Behind the Scenes! The Brand Gals Interview


For our interview, Kelsey and I met at a the quintessential cafe, Aroma Coffee and Tea. The cafe is located in Tujunga Village, a hidden gem of Studio City.


Seats look plentiful here but be warned. If you’re heading there for weekend brunch get there early or prepare to wait. When we arrived the line was already beginning to stretch down the block.


The cafe has a nice mix of indoor/outdoor seating. You order at the counter, take a number, and then go on the hunt for an open table. It can be a bit tricky to nab a free menu before reaching the counter so I suggest pursuing the online menu before arriving.


Our brunch stretched into the afternoon so I decided to try out Aroma’s Tofu and broccoli rice bowl. They provide every type of hot sauce imaginable including good ‘ole Sriracha so I was pretty much in heaven.



Now, if you haven’t yet had the chance to check it out, make sure to catch my interview with Kelsey to hear this gal’s story behind The Brand Gals.





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