How to Write a Powerful Mission Statement for Your Brand

how to write a mission statement

how to write a mission statement


Your brand mission statement is the most important promise you will make to your customers.

That’s right, I’m coming in strong here.

There’s a difference between building a product and building a brand. A product offers a solution to a specific need. A brand offers a gateway to a specific desire. You’re here because you want to build the latter.

So how do we take our businesses from product to brand?

You give your brand a mission.

Your brand mission is a declaration of what you’re going to do for your customers and how you plan to make it happen.

It should:

  • Express not just what you make, create, sell, or do what you do but why you do it
  • Be rooted in emotion not just cold hard facts
  • Spark brand loyalty by revealing a true desire to help not just sell

Let’s talk about that last line for a second. Your mission statement is an opportunity to introduce what your brand values and more specifically, that you value your customers.

Let’s use Toast Meets Jam as an example.


Toast Meets Jam teaches you how to build and grow your brand online.

Your need = wanting to build and grow your brand. My brand is here to help make that happen.

What’ I’ve just shared is my brand statement – a clear, concise articulation of what service or product I offer. Now, compare that to my brand mission statement >>

Toast Meets Jam exists to enable female founders to build the world’s most loved brands by inspiring confidence in every woman with a dream.

Your desire = having the confidence to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and feel set up for success. My mission is to fuel you with that confidence by helping you put your best put forward with incredible branding.

See the difference? And if you want a few more examples, this Free Download is for you.

And if you think writing your brand mission statement is a fruitless exercise. Think again. Here are three ways I want you to share your mission statement IRL.

  • In your ‘About’: Include your brand mission statement in the About page on your website, your media kit, or even the bio your social media profiles.
  • In your email signature: Including your missions statement in your email signature will make every interaction a little more meaningful by reminding those you work with why your brand is different.
  • On your hiring page: Using your mission statement here is a great way to attract the right kinds of talent to your team who not only want to work on your product but are inspired to bring your mission to life.

Writing Your Mission Statement

OK, now let’s write yours. I’ve created a foolproof formula for writing a brand mission statement that nails it every time. Ready for it? Here goes:
how to build a brand


Not so bad, right?

It’s a simple statement that packs a lot of punch. The formula is simple but the end result can be incredibly powerful for elevating your brand to the next level.

You’ll know you’ve nailed your mission when it becomes not just a directive but a rallying cry for your team and your tribe – something everyone knows by heart and are working together to achieve.

If you want even more help nailing down your brand statement, mission, and values you might take a look at the Jammin Brand Book. In the meantime, leave a comment below with what questions you have about writing your brand mission statement.

A toast to you,

Your biggest fan, brunch buddy, and online BFF. Consider me your wing woman for brand success.


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