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We’ve spent the past week getting to know entrepreneur and toast of the town Jaclyn Johnson. She is one lady who seems to have mastered the art of wearing multiple hats. Her first venture into the startup world came in her early twenties with the founding of (NO SUBJECT), an influencer and event marketing agency. From that was born her next idea Create & Cultivate, a female driven conference to which she plays the role of CEO.  It seems nothing can stop this lady from accomplishing whatever it she sets her mind out to do. Despite her many accomplishments and the numerous accolades she’s picked up along the way, there is nothing assuming or pretentious about her manner. She’s a humble example of the potential that lives within each of us and the possibilities we can create with the right amount of self confidence and hard work.

You can catch our  interview together here, recorded at this year’s LA stop of the Create & Cultivate Conference. If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question, definitely pop on over to our Mentor Session. And if you’re looking for a cheat sheet to keep all of her best tips at your finger tips, well you’ve come to the right place.



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