2014: Start with the (Wo)man in the Mirror

The Single Girl’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2014! As we transition into the new year, take time to reflect on 2013 and consider how you can grow in the coming months.

A resolution is usually something you set for yourself to make your life a little lighter, happier, and better. In that sense, it’s kind of like a diet. Sometimes you need a quick fix for a special occasion, but in order to sustain a better body you need to change the way you eat on a regular basis. While part of your resolution can include definitive goals, think about shifting something in your life to continue moving toward happiness. Read on for our tips to stay on track throughout the year and to hear about how we’re planning to make 2014 the best year yet!

Setting Resolutions

In our conversation about Lean In, Jacqueline challenged us to redefine “success.” Keep that in mind as you ask yourself the following questions:

What were my highlights in 2013? What did I do well? What could I have done better? Who do I want to be?

Your answers will help form your goals. Again, contemplate on how your 2014 goals can translate into gradual life changes. If your resolution is to be a more active person, find something to incorporate into your weekly routine for the rest of your life. If your resolution is to read more books, take time to read every night; even if you read one page a day, you’ll eventually finish a book. If it’s to be a world traveler, let wanderlust be a part of your philosophy.

Keeping Resolutions

Write it down. First of all, having your goals on paper allows you to hold yourself accountable. Secondly, I’m a firm believer that once you set an intention and put it out into the universe, you internalize it and will unconsciously carry it out.

Create quarterly benchmarks. If you are more of a “sprinter” than a “marathon runner,” consider finding a theme for the year and setting a goal for every season (or every month if you’re feeling ambitious).

Check in every month. I’ve found that I enjoy the prospect of a “new beginning,” so every month I reflect on how I can start fresh. Be honest, and make sure you are on track to being a happier, healthier you.

Refine your goal. Be easy on yourself. A resolution is meant to make your life a little better, not to add stress to your already hectic schedule. If the goals you set for yourself today no longer make sense in July, change it up! Personal goals are a way to measure achievements big and small, so be kind and give yourself a reason to be proud of the person you’re looking at.


Still unsure of where you want your 2014 to go? Here are the goals we have set for ourselves.


    1. 1. Find More Time for Friends: 2013 was a big year. We started The Single Diaries. I quit my job. I joined the startup Stiletto Dash. I moved. I hit Platinum with Delta after trips to Australia, Geneva, Frankfurt, and Tokyo. There was a lot of change and a lot of exciting things that came out of it. Unfortunately, that meant that I didn’t have much spare time to spend catching up with friends. In 2014, I want that time to be a priority again.
    2. 2. See Stiletto Dash Succeed: Quitting my job to join Stiletto Dash was a bold move. There’s no guarantee how things will turn out, but I want to see our young company succeed and thrive in 2014. I also want 2014 to be a year of self-learning—picking up new skills and knowledge that will help me no matter what new adventures come my way.
    3. 3. Learn to Be More Creative and Crafty: Maybe it’s from reading lots of blogs, starting our own, or joining a start-up, but I definitely feel the itch to become more crafty. I want to learn how to use my DSLR camera to take really great photographs, pick up some DIY decorating tricks, visit more artsy places in L.A., and develop my eye and aptitude for beauty and design.
    4. 4. Make More Use of Social Media: Building on the last goal, I want to make better use of social media to capture and share the amazing things that I see and experience each day. I want to be an avid Instagramer and Viner. For some people this comes naturally but I actually have to tell myself to remember to use these awesome apps.
    5. 5. Grow The Single Diaries: I’m so excited by what we’ve built and all of the amazing support we’ve received. I want more Single Girls to get involved in 2014, for us to grow our community, and to find fun, unique ways to grow the site to be of even better help to our readers. Have ideas for us? E-mail us or leave us a comment!




      1. 1. Five Things: Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, I will make a point of writing down five things each week that made me smile, that I’m especially grateful for, that I experienced for the first time, that made me realize how lucky I am to be young and free.
      2. 2. Start budgeting: Another year older, hopefully another year wiser. This year I’m planning to take Jen’s advice and keep better track of my finances. The more I know about where my money is going, the more control I have over when I can afford to splurge on new shoes or on a fun trip.
      3. 3. Keep a notebook: I was an English Writing major and had a professor who encouraged students to have a notebook on hand at all times to write down thoughts, observations, and random life moments that could inspire a character, a line or a story. With a more regular writing schedule than I had in recent years, this should help the creative juices flow for future posts on The Single Diaries.
      4. 4. Be cognizant of time: We spend a lot of our days rushing… to work, to meet our friends, to avoid being late. I want to make a conscious effort to use my time wisely: no longer fighting my alarm clock, taking extra care in putting myself together, using five minutes to put away clothes, cutting my bad habit of procrastination, having a moment for a deep breath in the middle of the day.
      5. 5. Stay Present: 2013 was certainly a time of transition for many of us and, while I hope we are all closer to the other side of it, the beginning of the year will continue to challenge us to ask ourselves tough questions. I know how easy it is to let my mind wander and worry about something when I should be enjoying the present moment. I vow to focus on the company I’m with (even if I’m by myself) and relish the time I have doing what I choose to do.


      We are excited for the start of a new year and for the challenges and (hopefully good) surprises that might come our way. Thank you for starting your year with us, and please share your 2014 resolutions with us below.


      Cheers to 2014,

      Your Leading Ladies



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