Do you look at some of your favorite brands and wonder how in the world they got so popular? WONDERED What’s their secret sauce for attracting such a big audience and getting so much attention?

I’ll let you in on a little tip… it doesn’t take big bucks to make it happen. In fact, you can achieve the same success these brands have had for FREE. 

How it works

You will receive 5 x guided worksheets to to help me gather all of the details about your brand so that I deliver a customized jam packed plan.

30 minute Skype call to talk through your prep work so I know exactly where you’re at and where you’d like to be.

Unlimited access to your project in Asana where you can see your action steps & ask questions.

I’ll complete an audit of your blog and up to five social media channels and create a tailored plan to get you to your goals.

You’ll receive a full report and we’ll schedule a second 60 min Skype to go through it together.

Did you know, 80% of people are more likely to consider buying from brands they follow on social media?

What you'll get

In-depth research on your customers that describes where they’re hanging out online and what kind of content they desperately want from you.

Review of the strengths & opportunity areas for your blog including recommendations for improving the discoverability and shareability of your top 10 blog posts.

5 x blog themes x 5 headlines ideas (25 total post ideas) to attract new customers to your site

Review of the strengths & opportunity areas for up to 5 of your social channels including recommendation of the top platforms you should devote your energy and attention.

Customized recommendations for the types of content you should create and share on your primary platforms + 20 hashtag recommendations that will help people find you.

10 recommendation of ideal partners to collaborate with + comprehensive profiles on each and sample copy to get a “yes” when you reach out to pitch them about working together.

Tailored recommendations for how to work with others to create joint value and maximize your brand reach.

Customized list of recommended resources and tools to make managing your social media easier and more effective than ever.

Top takeaways + 30 day action plan with specific and manageable steps you need to take.

To keep you on track and accountable to your goals.

Does all of this seem a bit overwhelming? I know social media strategies can become so stressful and sometimes feel like you need to devote all of your free time to see any results. Trust me, I’ve been there.

But I’m here to let you know it doesn’t have to feel so discouraging.

When you have a solid plan in place you’ll feel confident in what content to create, you’ll know exactly what to post, and you’ll know how to build real relationships with your fans. Even better, you’ll no longer feel like you’re in it alone because we’ll find you the perfect partners who can help you grow even faster.

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