The Songstress| An Interview with Singer/ Songwriter Missy Modell

Finding Your Beat with Singer/Songwriter Missy Modell

In this episode of Toast Meets Jam I caught up with singer/songwriter Missy Modell at one of our favorite LA hot spots- Axe. As we dug into our very Venice Basic Bowls, she caught me up on her pursuit of a career in the music industry.

At the age of 24 Missy had already established herself as a singer on the rise. Self described as the “Rihanna to an Eminem soundtrack” she had found her beat touring college campuses with other up and coming artists. Fast forward a few years and this leading lading has declared it time to pave a new path–this time one that provides a true reflection of her unabashed, fun, beautiful self.

She talks with me about her  musical journey, the process of self discovery, and why it’s time for her to take center-stage.

Catch Missy behind the scenes by following her on Instagram @missymodell

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