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Coffee Addicts Rejoice! A Look at the Cafe Culture of Vienna


At age 26, with over 30 countries added to my passport, I’d consider myself a fairly well-traveled girl. While I’ve hit the standard tourist stops across Europe– Spain, France, Germany, UK–one country that had someone managed to miss my path was Austria.

If I’m honest, I’ve never had a strong desire to visit Austria. Aside from knowing it as the setting which brought Fraulein Maria and Captain Von Trapp together (Sound of Music fans anyone?), I knew very little about the country. Yet when the chance to pay a visit to Vienna came up, I jumped on board, fully excited to step foot into the city of Do Re Me.

Within minutes of arriving to the city I’d fallen in love with Vienna. Beautiful architecture surrounds you in every direction, classic music is seemingly always playing in the background, and perhaps best of all, on nearly every corner you can find a delightfully quaint coffee shop. Vienna is a city with a rich heritage of cafés and there are many waiting to lure you in with their magnificent smells wafting out from within its doors.

Of all the coffee shops one could visit, the most famous is Cafe Landtmann. Head on over to The Hungry Traveler to get the scoop on this famed spot and to learn a thing or two about indulging in true Viennese cafe culture.




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