Jammin Brand Book


Jammin Brand Book Toolkit

The ultimate toolkit to build an eye catching, attention grabbing, brilliant brand.

25 page workbook + editable PDFS to make building your brand book simpler than ever.


Jammin Brand Book Toolkit

The ultimate toolkit to build an eye catching, attention grabbing, brilliant brand.

Have you noticed how some businesses make you fall in love with them. Like right of the bat of meeting, you’re ready to be BFFs? Then wondered to yourself, how do they do that??

That right there is the power of a boss brand. They connect with you on a deeply emotional level and make you feel like you’re in on their party. And let’s admit, being on that guest list makes us feel damn good.

H ow do they do that? Listen up! Because It’s more than just a happy accident. It’s all a part of a plan. Which means getting your business to that same level of love is totally within your reach.

And this toolkit is your very first step.

About the Jammin Brand Book

Developing your brand is something you know you want to do, but it seems intimidating. The Jammin Brand Book is here to make the process fool proof and stress free.

Building you brand book is the first step to figuring out what your brand is all about. By creating it, you will gain so much clarity around your vision for your business and the steps you need to take to actualize it. It will also force you to get everything in your head down on paper – an important step for turning dreams into realities. This is where you make those big decisions like what your brand personality is and how you’re going to bring it to life through your design and visuals.

This toolkit will walk  you through exactly how to build the essential elements of your brand, share loads of examples from brands who are rocking it in a particular area, teach you how to practically use things like your brand mission statement, and give you specific steps for how to apply each idea to your brand.

Inside You’ll Find

25 page workbook that will guide you through the steps of creating your

» Brand statement

» Brand mission and vision

» Brand values

» Brand equity

» Brand design theme

» Tone of voice and brand language

» Brand toolkit



Editable PDFs that will make everything foolproof including:

  1. Simple formula for writing your brand’s mission and vision statements
  2. Equity template which will help visualize how the pieces of your brand all fit together
  3. Worksheet for building a big brand personality
  4. Template for creating your unique design theme
  5. Worksheet to help you craft your unique tone of voice and build your brand language
  6. Cheat sheet of places on and offline you need your business to be superbly branded
  7. Checklist for deciding if something is on or off brand

AND if that’s not enough

» The cost of your purchase can be credited toward the Brand Camp course launching this summer!


Are you with me? Let’s get ready to boss your brand!