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Why She's the Toast of the Town

Chances are you’ve never heard of Allison Statter or her business Blended Strategy Group and there’s a reason for that. Despite being BFFs to some of, correction, THE most, famous celebs, Allison has purposefully shied from the spotlight. She is a woman humble and gracious to her very core, qualities that make her not only irresistible but also an incredible entrepreneur.

Allison has spent the past 16 years building her career in the entertainment industry. When she met her business partner Sherry Jhawar, the former Global Head of Marketing for Eos Products, the two knew there was an opportunity for them to create something special. Together they founded Blended Strategy Group (BSG), a little known company that manages well know talent including the Kardashians & Jenners, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Chelsea Handler, Jon Bon Jovi, Gwen Stefani and Nicole Scherzinger.

Blended provides comprehensive commercial, marketing and branding consultation to its clients, which include high profile and high growth celebrities and brands. By circumventing typical talent agencies and corporate red tape to make direct connections between brand and talent management their clients benefit from a better strategic fit, cost savings and high touch service.

I was lucky enough to catch Allison at this year’s Create & Cultivate conference and find some time to ask her about her new endeavor. Watch our interview below to learn more about how she started her business and her best advice for starting your own!

Why She's the Toast of the Town (4) Allison-Statter
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